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Crane Rentals

OSHA Certified Crane Rentals

All of our crane rentals come equipped with normal rigging and operators available 24 hours a day for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rental.  Our fleet consists of Hydraulic cranes 30 Ton through 75 Ton and All Terrain cranes from 90 Ton to 150 Ton. 

  • All Cranes are OHSA certified annually. 
  • All of crane operators are OHSA certified annually.
  • Also available are various spreader bars, tilt panel bars, specialty spreader bars, man baskets and industrial rigging.  All bars, man baskets and rigging are OSHA certified annually.
  • We will match the crane to your job needs.

Johnson's Crane is available 24 / 7

75 Ton American Truck Crane

160' Main boom and a 50' Jib. Max lifting capacity is 75 ton.

75 Ton Terex T750

Hydraulic crane with 186' Main Boom. Max Lifting capacity is 75 ton.

66 Ton P&H T-650

Hydraulic truck crane with 147' main boom and 35' Jib. Max liftinf capactiy is 66 ton.

40 Ton P&H Crane

Hydraulic truck crane with 143' main boom and 25' Jib. Max lifting capacity is 40 ton.